Thoughts on the Newtown, Connecticut Massacre

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This blog has been silent for awhile now thanks to personal shit (and a little good old fashioned negro laziness) that the team had to deal with. I had planned some grand and glorious return talking about fuck the Mayans or something equally trivial, but then another gun-toting fucking idiot decided to go on a rampage up in Newtown, Connecticut killing a bunch of innocent children before killing himself (which he should have fucking done in the first place).

I talked about an analogous asshole¬†in an earlier post on this site and how the dumbshits quickly ramped up the gun control vs. firearms for freedom debate. Predictably, with this latest tragedy, it’s happened again.

My personal opinion remains that assholes with guns are the problem more than the guns themselves, but it can’t be ignored that having guns makes it a lot easier for despicable fucks to turn their personal bad day into a community massacre.

I’ve fired a gun on a few occasions and the thing that always shocked the shit out of me is how immediate it is. Before you even think it really, that slug is leaving the chamber and stuck in the wall (yes, I’m a bad shot). That immediacy is disturbing as hell and explains a lot of the accidents that happen. Most of the people I know who love guns make up some bullshit about personal protection or freedom from government tyranny, but let’s be real: It’s not about protecting yourself because you probably live in a gated community. It’s also not about freedom because as those cultist fucks in Waco proved, if the government wants to steamroll your ass, you can fire all the shots you want, you’re still getting your shit shut down.

The truth is that people like to see shit explode. They like to hold something in their hand that can blow the fuck out of an object from half a football field away. They do it for the KABLOOEY and the way it makes their dicks a little hard. Women I’ve known who shoot tend to be a lot more philosophical about it. They see it as empowering because they know what a bunch of slavering lecherous wretches we men generally are with our delusions of conquest and badassery.

I honestly don’t know if clamping down on access to weapons is the way out of asshole-ultraviolence because assholes are creative and always find a way. 9/11 was pulled off by some assholes using decidedly low-tech means and an eerily similar attack in China just hours after the Connecticut rampage by a knife wielding douchebag demonstrates that assholes will stop at nothing once they feel like they have something to prove. Compound this with the fact that we’re not very far from shut-in dorks being able to make assault rifles in their basements using publicly distributed plans and 3D printers and you get the feeling the genie is out of the bottle.

What I do know is that our KABLOOEY culture glorifies this shit in every piece of entertainment that we have and our news media turns these pathetic cowards into icons of assholery by reporting every single piece of minutiae about their lives (as Morgan Freeman may or may not have pointed out).

In situations like this, solutions are not cut and dried. While it’s clear we need to do something to change the supply side, the main thing we have to attack is the demand side. We need to deal with the asshole problem. The best thing you can do is go out and find your unfriendly neighborhood asshole and say hello, shake their hand and ask them how they’re feeling. Apologize to them if you overlooked them or did them wrong. The act of kindness you show them today could hopefully keep them from going over the edge tomorrow.

Sincere condolences to the families of all who lost loved ones and everyone around the world who’s suffering under the yoke of senseless violence.

Peace brethren.

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