F*ck you ACER

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Today was supposed to my grand entry into my shared forum. It was to be my eclectic entrance to the online world of selfish glorification. I was going to write about the perils my wife, son and I have dealt with over the last few months culminating with last week’s ultimate act of finality. From that I was essentially going to give a thesis on how I feel about the family dynamic in general focusing in on the difficulties I’ve had to deal with in my family. No. Not today. Not anymore. My reasoning is in the title. ACER LAPTOP!!!

Last year my wife and I caught a Black Friday deal on this Acer computer I’m currently writing on. It was a great deal, at a great price. (It was a Wal-Mart deal by the way.) Ever since we booted this motherfucker up It’s been nothing but problems, disappointment, and today, anger.

I’ve been sitting in front of this computer for the better part of two hours trying in vain to write the aforementioned piece. I got half way into it before the fucking computer froze up, prompted the “Not Responding” box, and then proceeded to exit out of the site deleting all I had written. If I had a Dell or Apple or even a fucking abacus I’m sure this wouldn’t have happened. Alas, I’m stuck with this Oscar the Grouch technology that barely allows me to type in a web address, let alone enter a blog onto this domain. I’ve been sitting here in anger, mixing whiskey with generic cola over ice on a hot day sweating like a slave in Burma, trying and failing, gambling and losing on my blog about bad families.

So before I conclude this piece on this piece of shit computer let me say this: FUCK YOU ACER!!! You are a sorry manufacturer with a sorrier product. The computer is freezing as I finish typing. So to anyone who reads this or has any thoughts to purchase this name brand I offer you this parting gift. If you enjoy Shasta cola to Coca-Cola or Pepsi then Acer is your type of computer. Me? I’ll stick to quality over price point, roses to turds and women to prison sex. The choice is obvious as is the sentiment.


~The Negro Redeemer

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